About the Show

Ethics Town is a cosmic horror podcast about philosophical conundrums in a weird small town! Using an emergency broadcast system he stumbles across, January Johnson, accompanied by his uninvited guest, reports on the misdeeds of his town's new mayor.We're not going to answer the big questions for you, but we are going to dance around them in a fun and theatrical manner!Ethics Town was originally conceptualised, then haphazardly written, in 2016. Since then it's been through many, many drafts, and in 2022 we really got serious about production. It was originally going to be a web comic!The plan is to produce 3 seasons of 8 episodes each, each with a run time of around 20 minutes, and with a scattering of occasional bonus content in there. But we'll just see how things go...


1. Utilitarianism
Anxious Ethics local January Johnson gets philosophical as make an emergency broadcast to report the political mishaps of his home town’s new mayor. He is also paid a visit by an unexpected guest… Transcript.
2. Self Preservation
January lays out the details of Ethics’ latest court case, concerning potential murder and definite cannibalism. Meanwhile, Artemis has questions about the strange town she now finds herself in. Transcript.
3. The Trolley Problem
January begins to spiral as Phillipa Foot’s ‘trolley problem’ becomes a reality in Ethics. Artemis tries to get to know her mysterious host a little better. Transcript.
4. Thanatology
Enraged by the mayor’s latest political blunder, January goes on a rant about the sanctity of death. Artemis explores the woods surrounding Ethics. Transcript.
5. Virtual Worlds
It’s been a few days without a political scandal, however a new realisation has now set January on edge. He and Artemis exchange stories in an attempt to figure things out. Transcript.
6. Meta Ethics
January finds himself a little too close for comfort with the mayor. Growing restless with her situation, Artemis decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Transcript.
7. The Ones Who Walk Away
Artemis goes down into Ethics in an attempt to find out what’s really going on with the town, and is deeply disturbed by what she uncovers. Transcript.
8. The Identity Issue
Artemis finally comes face to face with the mayor of Ethics. Transcript.


CL Hendry - Producer
Cai Gwilym Pritchard - Sound Designer
Pinja Vuorela - Graphic Designer
Mick Zijdel - Theme Composer


Rhys Lawton - January Johnson
Liz Dokukina - Artemis Flynn
Paige Adams - Elaine Carter
David Ault - Dr Clayton
LM Clohessy - Alice Jacobs
Evan Gwen Davies - Rory Nos
Sarah Griffin - Noah Morley
Eli Labat-Angstadt - Alex Crane
Subhi Loganathan - Grace Jacobs
Delilah Tahiri - Addi Reay-Armstrong

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